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Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard’s Mother’s Day message

Motherhood is a calling. Bringing a child into the world, standing in the doorway between life and death to birth a baby is the easy part. The most challenging aspects, caring for your child, training him or her up in the way they should go, protecting your little one from life’s challenges and mitigating heartbreaks, last for a lifetime. Mothers teach, they sacrifice to make the lives of their children and families better. They nurture our dreams and help turn the impossible into tangible goals. Mothers are among God’s greatest gifts, and now, during this collective time of sickness and sorrow, the love and protection of mothers and the families they nurture means more than ever. 

The toll of a global pandemic has left many in our society seeking support and protection from the government. As Mayor, I’m proud of ways in which Mount Vernon has come together and risen to meet this moment. Together, we are sustaining its residents and offering relief during a time of unprecedented need. Right now, we are all nurturing each other with emergency hotline services for crisis intervention , community services and substance abuse , food distribution , mindfulness, exercise and youth activities from the City’s recreation department, and more. Mount Vernon is also protecting its residents by swiftly addressing the recent uptick in crime . 

Nothing can replace a mother’s love and care, but Mount Vernon is working hard to support and protect its sons and daughters while we all shelter in place. 

Quarantining may rob this Mother’s Day holiday of its usual community gatherings and celebrations, but nothing can steal the comfort and strength of a mother’s love, not sadness, hardship, not even death. 

On behalf of the City, I wish all the mamas, the caretakers, the protectors, those who birthed their children and those whose motherhood was forged by love alone, a blessed Mother’s Day. May we find creative ways to honor the mothers in our lives and build moments of bliss, even if the threat of COVID-19 keeps us physically apart. I give thanks for my own mother, Sharon Patterson Lockett, and gratitude for the love, patience and compassion I learned from becoming a mother myself.

I pray that the love, strength and guidance of our mothers sustains us all through these difficult times and helps us draw upon the reservoirs of strength within that they helped build.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard