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Mount Vernon 2020 Census Launch Party

Mount Vernon held its 2020 U.S. Census launch event on February 5th at the Doles Center. The goal of the launch event is to educate and energize residents to respond to the upcoming census ensuring Mount Vernon gets the federal funding for services that the city deserves.

The line up of speakers including Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and City Councilperson Delia Farquharson. Mayor Patterson-Howard informed the audience that for every 400 people that are not counted, Mount Vernon stands to lose $1 million in federal funds in just one year. In the 2010 Census, Mount Vernon was under counted some predict as much as 33% and that does the city a real disservice. When a city’s population is underrepresented there are often not enough schools, hospitals, police or representatives in congress to adequately cover that city.

City Councilperson Delia Farquharson said “Trust is the commodity we must have within our community. I am prepared to leverage my trust”. It is trust indeed that will open the doors in the neighborhood which have previously had a low count. The trust in the census takers, and the outcome. Though information gathered is used to enhance the city and its services and make sure Mount Vernon is represented thoroughly, many don’t understand what the Census is for and how the information obtained from residents remains completely confidential. There is no one who can come after you because of the information you provide to the 2020 Census. 

Do your part in helping to polish the “Jewel of Westchester”. Respond thoroughly and accurately to the 2020 U.S Census and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. #makemountvernoncount