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Mount Vernon Count Yourself in! Census 2020 is coming

You can help Mount Vernon get its fair share of the $675 billion dollars distributed to cities each year by the federal government by participating in the Census 2020 count. The census is an official count of the population and is mandated by the constitution to take place every 10 years.

The information gathered by census takers is used to get a broader sense of the population in general and many others reasons. For example, local government officials use the census to ensure public safety and plan new schools and hospitals. Also when a disaster hits, the census tells rescuers how many people will need their help. Real estate developers and city planners use the census to plan new homes and improve neighborhoods. The information most importantly is used to calculate the number of seats that each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is estimated that in the 2010 Census, Mount Vernon was undercounted by 33%. An accurate count can add $2750 in federal funding for each person we count in Mount Vernon. The Census Bureau collects data about the economy and the people living in the United States from many different sources. Some data are collected from respondents directly (including businesses), through the censuses and surveys we conduct.

Census takers go door to door to verify the residential addresses in their community before the 2020 census is mailed, and later return to the streets to interview any residents who haven’t responded to the census mailing.
A census taker must ask a wide range of questions that some people may find invasive. They may ask you how many people are living in your home and whether you own or rent. They may also ask the sex, race and income of the people in your home among other questions that are personal.
All of the information we collect through censuses and surveys, as well as the administrative data we obtain, is confidential and protected by federal law.
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