News for the city of Mount Vernon ny

The American Chinese United Care Alliance donates 5000 Masks to Mount Vernon.

On May 5, 2020 The American Chinese United Care Alliance Donated 5000
masks to the City of Mount Vernon to aide and protect first responders, as they lead the fight against COVID-19. The ACUC is a grass roots organization comprised of nearly 150 Chinese organizations and have made numerous donations to other municipalities.

Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard said “I would like to thank the Flaming Grill Buffet and the ACUC for stepping forward with this very generous donation of masks. We are still in a COVID-19 environment and we have continue to social distance and make we are wearing personal protective
equipment. This donation will go a long way in protecting our first responders and essential workers.

Victoria Alberto (ACUC rep) said “Mayor Patterson-Howard, Lieutenant Jay, I would like to thank you for your unwavering commitment to the residents of Mount Vernon. The membership of ACUC is proud to stand with you today as we deliver these vital supplies- as you work to protect our first
responders and treat those who are suffering from the effects of the Corona virus. ACUC is a grassroot organization, made up of citizens who believe that we can make a difference for our fellow citizens, and this special country we all call home.

This disease has devastated our entire world, and forever changed
how we interact and do business. This virus has caused tremendous suffering, – it does not respect political borders, age or health. While some populations may be more vulnerable, we all know that it
impacts all demographics. It has taken from us, friends, associates and members of our families. It has robbed us of time, That we should have been able to spend with those who are important to us, and prevented those who have passed from continuing to share and contribute to all of humanity.