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Mount Vernon is on the Rise

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard

“Mount Vernon is on the precipice of a new chapter”. These are the words of Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Mayor Elect for the City of Mount Vernon, NY. She is already a change because Shawyn Patterson-Howard is the first elected black female for the City of Mount Vernon, first for Westchester County, and second for New York State. 

The Inauguration began with the invocation and a prayer. “spirit of the living God, fall fresh upon us… Our father and our God we thank you for the privilege to come into your presence on this historic and monumental occasion”. There were many prominent politicians present to honor  Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Senator Charles Shumer, County Executive George Latimer,  Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, as well as Mount Vernon’s County Legislator Lyndon Williams, Comptroller Deborah Reynolds and City Council President Lisa Copeland among many others. 
The trust emanating from the crowd and sincerity reflected back from Shawyn Patterson-Howard was palpable. Mount Vernonites packed the Nellie A. Thornton High School auditorium to support one of their own, a daughter of Mount Vernon who has been dubbed a servant leader. “A servant leader is somebody who is motivated to serve first and then finds the leadership position that will allow them to manifest that” says Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. County Executive George Latimer states “your success is essential to our success, Westchester cannot rise unless Mount Vernon rises. Westchester County is on your side. Mount Vernon will rise and you will be the catalyst to do it”

Mount Vernon’s new Mayor will be very busy as there is so much to do. Currently homeowners pay some of the highest property taxes amid the city’s crumbling infrastructure. There are the Memorial Field renovations, and the ongoing development within the city to name a few of the top issues. But as Wayne Davenport, a long time friend and Longfellow Elementary School classmate points out “She’s the only one who can restore Mount Vernon to what it once was. She’s always been strong minded, and her motto is no nonsense. In school she really buckled down in the books and was always focused and outspoken.” 

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard thanked the people of Mount Vernon “who had the confidence to believe in me and to choose me. I will always choose Mount Vernon”. We have to choose hope over fear, collaboration over confrontation, we have to choose passion over pettiness because the only thing that can hurt us is ourselves. When better is possible, good is no longer an option”.