News for the city of Mount Vernon ny

Mayor Shawyn Patterson -Howard makes 3 new appointees

On January 2, 2020 Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard appointed Brian Johnson to the role of Corporation Counsel. In his role prior to Corporation Counsel Mr. Brian Johnson served in the Law Department for close to two decades. Initially, in the capacity as Assistant Corporation Counsel and over the past five years as the Deputy Corporation Counsel, Brian has gained a wealth of knowledge in all the areas of law practiced by the Mount Vernon Law Department. He has effectively represented the City at land use board meetings, administrative hearings, local, state and federal courts.

Brian recently defended the taxpayers’ interest at the New York State Court of Appeals against T-Mobile by formulating and developing a theory of telecommunication taxability that allows the City to collect millions in tax revenue. As the top lawyer, Corporation Counsel Johnson will be in charge of defending the city and representing Mount Vernon in its legal matters.
Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard appointed Kim Odindo to the role of Fire Chief of Operations. Prior to his appointment, he served in several Divisions within the Mount Vernon Fire Department, including Fire Prevention and Fire Suppression. He was promoted to the rank of Fire Captain and was assigned as the Departments Municipal Training Officer where he had the responsibility of managing the educational and training requirements of the entire Mount Vernon Fire Department.

In his role as, Fire Chief of Operations Mr. Odindo will be in charge of providing adequate fire protection and fire extinguishment capability, initiating life rescue, rendering emergency medical assistance, controlling hazardous material situations, and providing related emergency services to the citizens of Mount Vernon.

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard appointed Glenn Scott to the role of Commissioner of Public Safety. Prior to his appointment, he served as division commander of the support services division, executive officer of the patrol division, commanding officer of the training division, commanding officer of the emergency services unit, as well as acting commander of the intelligence unit, gang unit, school safety officers, domestic violence unit and ceremonial unit. He was also a supervising sergeant in both the detective and patrol division. In his role as Commissioner of Public Safety Mr. Scott will further ensure the safety of the citizens of Mount Vernon.