News for the city of Mount Vernon ny

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard’s Sphere of Influence

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard’s transition team has been assembled and is already forging ahead on the mayor’s new vision for Mount Vernon. The transition team has seven committees and is led by Director, Steven Horton. Mr. Horton is a former Mount Vernon City Council President and former Executive Director for the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority. The committees have individual chairpersons who are professionals and leaders in the Mount Vernon community. The mayor’s seven transition team committees are: Operations and Finance, Education and Workforce Development, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, Economic Development, Infrastructure and Public Works, and Community Engagement.

Transparency and public engagement are central to the mayor’s vision. The committees are tasked with defining the issues and challenges facing the city and to advise the mayor on solutions and ideas to move the city forward. The chairperson for the Operations and Finance Committee is Lyndon Williams. Mr. Williams has been Mount Vernon’s County Legislator since 2007. Mr. Williams is a former Mount Vernon City Council President and he is on the Board of Directors of the Westchester Black Bar Association. He is currently a central figure in the Memorial Field renovation.

Charles Gardner is the chairperson for the Public Safety Committee. Mr. Gardner is a former Yonkers Police Commissioner and has 39 years with the Yonkers Police Department, he is now retired.

Brenda Smith is the chairperson for the Career and Workforce Development Committee. Ms. Smith was the First African American woman Principal of Mount Vernon High School, and the First AfricanSuperintendent in White Plains, New York.

Henry Wilson is the chairperson for the Health and Human Services Committee. Mr. Wilson is the Executive Director for YCOP (Youth Community Outreach Program). YCOP is defined as a community service program designed to help youth become productive members of society.

Dr. Marsha Gordon is the chairperson for the Economic Development Committee. Ms. Gordon is the President/CEO of The Business Council of Westchester. As leader of Westchester County’s largest and most influential business organization, Dr. Gordon brings more than 25 years of community, commerce and leadership experience.

James Finch is the chairperson for the Infrastructure and Public Works Committee. Mr. Finch is a former Mount Vernon City Councilman and former Public Works Commissioner.

Louis Romain is the chairperson for the Community Engagement Committee. This committee supports the work and outreach of the other six committees. They are tasked with increasing trust and public buy in for the new administration and cultivating a constituency who participate in the design of government.